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T-Shirts: The Promotional Product Leader

It should come as no surprise that t-shirts, along with other wearables, are responsible for nearly a third of promotional product sales. In fact, PPAI reports that wearables (t-shirts,golf shirts, aprons, uniforms, blazers, caps, headbands, jackets, neckwear, footwear, etc) accounted for a massive 28.92% of sales in 2012. The reasons for this are pretty straight forward and does not require a financial advisor to realize how this investment pays for itself. 

Why T-Shirts?

The main benefit of using a t-shirt or hat as a promotional product is brand awareness. Anyone who is wearing your shirt is simultaneously marketing your brand at a price any business can afford. What is even more amazing is that your brand will be marketed over and over again for possibly several years. Compare this to a newspaper ad, which may run for about a week and could cost hundreds of dollars. The key difference here becomes the advertisers goal. As this example shows, if your goal is brand awareness, investing in wearable promotional products would obviously be the better option.

Where and When?

So now that we are all on the bandwagon of marketing our brand via shirts, hats, etc., the next few questions that should follow is where and when? The answers would obviously be subjective for each business. However, businesses typically will give away shirts during special events and trade shows. For example, Las Vegas hosted 21,615 trade conventions last year. You can just imagine how many shirts, pens, hats and otherwise were given away. A business might also be holding an event for their employees. A company t-shirt or hat serves as an excellent choice for corporate giveaways. Not only would your employees be more than pleased to receive a free t-shirt, they would also be playing a major role in marketing the brand, as well as recruiting new talent. The business logo on the shirt will almost always become a topic of conversation at one point or another, and the conversation could possibly include the question "Are you hiring?" 

How do I order?

So there you have it. T-Shirts are the promotional product leader and for a good reason. The return on investment can be so high that it cannot be measured accurately. What other form of promotion do people willingly accept and willingly become apart of? I cannot think of many.

If you are currently in the process of trying to make a decision of which promotional product is the best fit for your company, please give us a call at 201-445-5858. We would be happy to assist you every step of the way. 

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